Grab them by the heART

Did you know that when someone is kind to another person, it boosts the immune system of not only the giver and the receiver, but also the observer? And the opposite is true as well - an unkind act negatively affects the immune system of the giver, receiver and observer. It's as if we share a collective immune system and what we do can either strengthen it or weaken it. So if you're not keen on getting a flu shot this year, check out these powerful antidotes!

Clutch Productions is doing awesomely kind, powerful and effective work that'll fill you with feisty fortitude. Check out their EmpowHER Reading Series which features original one-act plays and screenplays written by emerging female writers and dedicated to issues affecting women in the 2016 election. #grabthat My short screenplay DEAD GIRLS will be featured which takes a darkly humorous look at Hollywood and its roles for women as two actresses navigate a particularly harrowing pilot season. Seating is limited. Email to RSVP.

DEAD GIRLS is scheduled to shoot in 2017. Interested producers/co-pro's can reply to this email for more information on the project and script, and if you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the film, you can do so here.