Masculinity: Not your daddy's narrative

What do you get when a boy meets a horse? Freud. What do you get with you thrust them together with a driving, penetrating narrative?  Freud’s mythology of masculinity.


I don’t know about you but it’s hard to believe that back in the day (a little over 100 years ago), it was understood and accepted that, psychologically speaking, boys wanted to kill their fathers and fornicate with their mums. Or that girls and women had penis envy. It seemed more likely to me that boys and men would have vag envy because the vajayay was from whence you came! You would not exist without the original mobile home or palace du puss. It seems as plausible (if not more so) that boys and menfolk would envy (psychologically speaking) the ability or, shall I say, power to grow, birth and nurture a human being. Perhaps if Freud was a Frida that would have been the more yielding theory of the day. But maybe if women did envy the penis it had to do with the fact that you couldn’t hold a job, own property, or vote without one. Some say penis envy, some say equality envy. (Continue reading...)