DONKEY PUNCH (Soho Playhouse / Ivy Theater)

"Crackling dialogue, Voyeuristic thrills and inevitable juicy postshow conversation'  - Time Out New York  

 "The must-see feminist play of the summer" - Bust Magazine  

"Auger and her collaborators deliver a work that feels different from much that’s currently on view in our culture with a focus on a pair of female protagonists who deal with work, love, and sex in a modern urban setting." - NY Theater Now

"It’s like the modern day Vagina Monologues. Men might think it’s not for them. Well if you’re a man reading this, it is for you! How about I put it plain and simple: If you are a human being YOU MUST SEE THIS SHOW." - Thespi-honest

Auger has an undeniable talent and a feminist swagger in her voice." - New York Theatre Review

"Here is excellent theater" - Stagebuddy

AMERICAN RIVER (TNC ./ Lesser America)

"A vital work on an emotionally epic scale. To miss it would be to miss out on one of the moreabsorbing works the New York stage has to offer this summer." - New York Press

"The play explores empty dreams, as well as the restless, and unimaginative subculture that is much of current America. " Indie Theater Now  


"The strangest story came from Micheline Auger"  - New York Times  

"Auger has something to say about art, and her observations—brought wittily to life by an enthusiastic cast of five—provide the makings of something far more substantial than her play’s title would suggest."

"A load of fun."  - New York Magazine 

"Hilarious and full of charm."

photo with Funny...sheesh Production's Jason Grossman for our interview with Adam Rothenberg